Sinhua Hock Kee takes pride in our own house brands

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Triple A (3A)
Triple A brand (3A) is a Grocery brand created in Singapore and distributed solely by Sinhua Hock Kee Trading (S) Pte Ltd.  Triple A Brand had built a strong brand portfolio that responds to changing needs of consumers. Triple A device and product marks are registered and protected more than 10 Countries.


Sanwa brand created by our founder based on the meaning of Peace and Harmony in family. Sanwa is an Japanese name which represent Quality in its products. Sanwa is an Confectionery brand which brings nothing but Tasty products to all.

Train Brand

Train brand is a pioneer brand of Tradition Preserved fruits. 

Whale Sun brand

Whalesun brand is an confectionery brand specialized in fish snack items. High Quality and Trustworthy to all its consumers.

Cindy brand was one of the pioneer brand in confectionery. 
Chef Genius 
Chef Genius brand is an grocery brand which emphasised on superior quality and changing needs of consumers
Sanhee Brand is an grocery brand which standby its promise to give consumers happiness for its products.
FLS stands for Fu Lu Shou, gods of Three stars. Fu Lu Shou brand is an grocery brand promise to give the best to its consumers.

Sakura brand is an seasoning brand stands on its mission to be the best on whichever competes in.