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Sinhua Hock Kee - The Asian Food Specialist Market Distribution Provider

We are the name behind the popular traditional Asian pickles, Triple A, snacks & authentic Asian cuisines with over 30 years of history in Singapore under 100% Family owned business.

Sinhua Hock Kee has developed to be a recognized Asian grocery powerhouse locally and internationally with a reputation for excellent quality and a complete understanding of consumer needs – with constant innovations. Today, with direct operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Sinhua Hock Kee has grown from humble beginnings in a back lane at Tekka shophouses from a one man bicycle operation to a fast growing food and beverage group of companies with a multinational presence by our Founder without any proper education. Blessed with a rich heritage, Sinhua Hock Kee is not just expanding just itself but together with its business partners, well into the markets of Asia and the world. Though the company has grown tremendously from its humble start, one thing remains certain: it will continue to offer products of the highest quality, using the selected finest ingredients, in order to bring the best value to the consumers. Throughout our businesses and operations, we remain grateful to all our partners and customers for their continued support to our products. Together, let us cheer and proceed to the next plateau!

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