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Mushroom Spinach
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Mushroom Spinach (2-3pax)

 Tendons  300g 
 Peas Clip x 100g 
 Carrots x 10
 Mushrooms x 5
 Ginger Slice 
 3A Premium Black Bean Soy Sauce Paste with Red Yeast 
     Rice  x 2 tablespoons
 Mirin x 1 teaspoon
 A little vegetable oil
1a) Put Tendons into hot water 
  b) Soak mushrooms in the water
  c) Cut the carrots into shaped pattern
2a) Pour 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil into the pan and heat 
   b) Put in tendon peas and carrot to stir fry till just cooked
   c) Add mushrooms, ginger and the water from soaking and 
       stir fry 
   d) Add seasoning while stir frying